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Is Butter Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Butter in 2024?

Butter spreading on bread - Is butter vegan?

Is Butter Vegan-friendly?

Last updated on December 13th, 2023

The straightforward answer is: no butter is not vegan. This is because it uses ingredients that come from animals. Regular butter contains dairy which is an animal product, so it’s not suitable for a vegan diet.

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Can Vegans Eat Butter?

Regular butter isn’t plant-based but yes, vegans can still eat butter and enjoy buttery toast because there are plenty of dairy-free options out there. Keep reading and let me fill you in, I’ll show you exactly where to get dairy-free butter. 

Is Butter Vegetarian?

Is butter suitable for vegetarians? Yes, butter is suitable for vegetarians. People following a vegetarian diet exclude meat and fish but will still consume products that come from an animal such as dairy, eggs and honey. The main ingredient that you’ll find in butter that’s not plant-based is buttermilk and as vegetarians include dairy in their diet this makes butter count as vegetarian.

Why is butter not vegan?

So, in the most obvious sense when we ask the question ‘is it vegan?’ the answer needs to be a big NO. And that’s because it’s traditionally made using buttermilk which is, as the name suggests, made with milk. Vegans exclude all products that come from animals and this, of course, includes milk. 

So, when you’re in your local café and they ask if you want butter on your toast you’re safer to polity decline and go for a dollop of jam instead.

But don’t worry, just because butter as we’ve always known it, isn’t dairy-free, we’re living in an innovative time, and there are always options. If you know where to look there’s there’s no need to worry because there are plenty of plant-based alternatives to butter.

What is Vegan Butter Made out of? 

Anything that’s made using non-animal-derived ingredients is generally vegan-friendly. You’ll often find butter made out of ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter oil, cashew nuts and other plant oils like sunflower and rapeseed oil.

Plant based butter spread

Best Plant-Based Butter Spreads in 2024

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What’s the Best Vegan Butter?

Well, above I’ve given you some options of dairy-free butter options that are all suitable for vegans. But if I have to choose the best I’ll go with the one that tastes best on toast and that is….Mouse’s Favourite Vegan Gold you can get it on their website.

Vegan Gold vegan butter

Is Vegetarian Butter Vegan?

No, vegetarian butter is not vegan. And this is because it’s just regular butter, it’s made using buttermilk which vegans do not consume. Vegans don’t eat any products that come from an animal. 

So, I hope I’ve not only answered the question but also given you some options that you can easily get your hands on! 

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