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Vegan food in The Bartons Arms, Aston, Birmingham – Thai Food in a Pub!

Vegan Thai food Aston Birmingham

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023

Any day that I find a new place that serves vegan Thai food is a good day. Today I’m going to review the vegan-friendly food that’s at The Bartons Arms, Aston. Let’s take a look…

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Those that know me will probably know that I’m not only a fan of Thai food but I’m a fan of pubs too, but they don’t usually come together. Well, this time they do!

The Bartons Arms really is my kind of place. And it’s perfect if you’re looking for vegan food in Aston. However, if you’re in Birmingham City Centre and are looking for vegan Thai food check out this post – Best Vegan Thai Food in Birmingham

Inside Bartons Arms Vegan food Aston

What I Like About The Bartons Arms

It is a pub-pub, like a real pub, with a restaurant area serving a full Thai menu. The perfect mix really. Well, at least for me.

The Bartons Arms was recommended to me after I wrote my post – Best Vegan Thai Food in Birmingham and I was really looking forward to going there. And on Monday I found myself over in Aston so decided to give it a try for lunch

Outside The Bartons Arms Aston

They weren’t long open when we got there. We walked in and to be honest, it just looked like a big old pub, and I couldn’t see any sign of Thai food! I was sure someone was pulling my leg. So, I asked in an apprehensive voice, expecting to be laughed at, ‘do you serve Thai food?’ to which the guy behind the bar responded ‘do you want to go around to the restaurant?’ and in just a few steps, around the other side of the bar, I found a dazzling Thai restaurant waiting for me.

Okay, okay, it was just like the rest of the pub really, but the tables were set nicely and there were menus on them. And guess what? not just any old menus, but vegan menus too!

So I went from wondering if I was settling for a lunchtime pint as I walked through the door to sitting in a Thai restaurant looking at a long list of options on a vegan menu.

The Vegan Food Options

I don’t live around there so I don’t know much about vegan food in Aston. But I already had a feeling there’d be many more visits to Aston and this was all before even trying the food.

I have a confession. Sometimes I get a little over-excited when ordering Thai food. So, even though the clock hadn’t even hit 1 pm we still ordered two starters and two mains. A pretty big lunch for two. I have another confession. I didn’t regret it!

A Full Vegan Menu is on Offer in The Bartons Arms!

Thai food in The Bartons Arms

Take a look at their vegan menu here. And tell me if you’d be able to control yourself either.

  • We ordered:
    Tom Yum Mushrooms – Spicy lemongrass soup with mushrooms, galangal and chillies
  • Fried Tofu – Deep-fried tofu, served with a sweet chilli sauce, and crushed peanuts
  • Yellow Curry with Vegetables – Yellow curry made with coconut milk and sun-dried yellow chilli spices with onions, tomatoes and potatoes
  • Tofu with Cashew – Tofu fried with cashew nuts, carrots, spring onions dry chillies and vegetarian sauce
  • Steamed Rice
Vegan Yellow Curry in The Bartons Arms

Star of the Show: Vegan Yellow Thai Curry

I usually go for a red Thai curry but they didn’t offer that on the vegan menu so I went for the Yellow Thai curry and to my luck, it was the star of the show. Absolutely delicious. I didn’t realise how much I like Yellow Thai curries or maybe it’s just how The Bartons Arms do it, either way, it’s a new favourite dish for me.

I enjoyed all the food we ordered, the tofu and cashew had a lovely flavour, and nothing was overpowering so it just worked perfectly. The Tom Yum packed a punch, as it should. I suppose the only thing I didn’t love was the fried tofu, the pieces were a bit big, so they struggled to hold much flavour. They were still good…and we ate them! But the other food we ordered was much better.

As I mentioned, this was on a Monday lunchtime so I’m really looking forward to visiting on a weekend evening so I can get more of the pub atmosphere.

So, if you live on this side of Birmingham and don’t fancy a trip into town then you should enjoy some vegan Thai food in The Bartons in Aston. In fact, even if you don’t live nearby I still think it’s worth the journey.

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