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7 Fabulous Spots for Vegan Food in Barcelona in 2024

The vegan corner - Vegan food in Barcelona

Last updated on December 9th, 2023

Let’s check out some of the best places to find vegan food in Barcelona.

Spain’s vegan scene is growing and of course, Barcelona is leading the way. So, it makes sense that you wouldn’t have a hard time finding vegan food in this thriving metropolis. 

Having said that, it’s always good to get a recommendation from a friend. I’ll be your vegan friend and fill you in on…

7 Places to Get Delicious Vegan Food in Barcelona:

1. Veggie Garden

Old school tasty AF vegan food! This feels like a vegan restaurant you’d have found years ago, with real, natural and super tasty vegan foods.

There are two Veggie Garden restaurants in Barcelona centre, and in both, you’ll find a bunch of different types of vegan food, including Indian food, salads, tapas, soups and burgers. I’ve visited twice and both times, I’ve gone for the thali. I just can’t help myself! 

A vegan thali is something I always find hard to pass up and I love the one on offer at Veggie Garden! Being able to try out a selection of different Indian flavours is always a winner for me! Take a look at Veggie Garden’s menu.

The theme and decor of this place are great too! It’s bright and colourful and it’s full of the coolest folks around. 

Find Veggie Garden on Google Maps.

2. The Vegan Corner

The vegan corner - Vegan food in Barcelona

Well, when I accidentally strolled past this place on my way to find breakfast I had no choice but to stop and check it out. And once I’d had a look around there was no way I wasn’t eating here. They describe themselves as a ‘Traditional café with a plant-based twist’ which is exactly how this place felt.  

I’m always looking to experience traditional but vegan-friendly places when I travel. This place ticked those boxes and has some really amazing breakfast options too. Whether you want to go for a simple coffee and croissant or try some of their other interesting and tasty options like a Spanish omelette, quiche, tomato on toast, a tart or one of their other amazing pastries.

They have their options visible on the counter so you can just choose what you like the look of and bask in the knowledge that it’s all vegan.  

Find the Vegan Corner on Google Maps

3. Vegan Cat Bar

Cat Bar is a fully vegan restaurant in Barcelona with a long list of exciting and tasty vegan burgers as well as a delicious tofish and chips. I especially like this place because although there are so many mock meat burgers available these days, Cat Bar do excellent burgers without trying to make them all beefy.

Yes, the food is a delight but it’s also a great spot if you’re looking for something a little interesting and quirky. As you’d guess, everywhere you look there’s cat decor all over the place.  Oh, and did I mention they sell craft beers too? A vegan-friendly cat-themed bar, with burgers and beer, not bad eh? Take a look at what they have to offer on Vegan CatBarCAT’s menu. 

And here’s how you can find Cat Bar on Google Maps too

4. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan junk food bar Barcelona

If you’re in need of a good junk food fill, this is the spot!

Vegan Junk Food Bar has all the junk food goodies you could want, but vegan! From all kinds of sides to loaded fries, sharing platters and of course burgers. 

Now, I’m not sure you go to a junk food place to eat salad, but if you do fancy a Caesar salad they have those too! Not that I’ve tried it. Check out Vegan Junk Food Bar’s menu.

And you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail or a beer too! 

Find Vegan Junk Food Bar on Google Maps.

5. Avocado

Avocado vegan friendly menu Barcelona

This place ticks so many boxes. I went for brunch but it’s got so much more going for it. They offer plenty of vegan choices, it’s pet friendly and it’s a great place to chill with a coffee and catch up with some work. Oh and if you’re lucky enough to go at the right time you can even enjoy some live music. 

Fitting with the name ‘Avocado’ they make great dishes that include avocados, like nachos, burritos and tacos. They’ve also got deserts, shakes and juice. 

Vegan food Barcelona - avocado

Another thing I love about this place is that everything feels really fresh and healthy. 

The only problem here is choosing what you want to eat because it all looks so good! Find Avocado on Google Maps

6. Bun Bo

Bun Bo Vegan Vietnamese food in Barcelona
Vegan Pho at Bun Bo Barcelona

Vietnamese food is always one of the first things I search for when trying to find a real meal while travelling! You can pick up some great bits and pieces in Barcelona but sometimes you’re after a satisfying meal and Thai or Vietnamese food does this for me. Haha, maybe some people go for a nice Sunday roast, but not me! 

Anyway, after coming across Bun Bo I knew I was onto a winner. A Vietnamese restaurant in the Gothic Quarter with vegan options. 

Take a look at their menu here. Their menu doesn’t have many vegan options listed but what’s great about this place is that they were happy to adapt their dishes for vegan, they even say so on their website.

Find Bun Bo on Google Maps

7. Miss Sushi

Miss Sushi Asian Japanese food Barcelona

If there’s a Miss Sushi to be found in the city I’m travelling in I’ll be visiting it, and Barcelona was no different. If you’ve read any of my other posts about vegan food in Spain you’ll probably have seen Miss Sushi pop up once or twice. 

There’s not a lot that needs to be said, if you’re vegan, or if you’re not, and you like Sushi then this is the place for you! 

It’s a real sushi restaurant with lots of fresh sushi and an extensive vegan menu. I can’t recommend it enough!

Well, that’s it, thanks for reading my post on the 7 best places to get vegan food in Barcelona. I hope you’ve found some places you’re excited to try.

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